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Recently, fraudulent activity involving the exploitation of corporate names and domains has been widely observed and reported. A common and dangerous tactic is individuals purporting to be Procurement staff attempting to execute purchase agreements for materials and supplies using deceptive domain name variations and fraudulently applying for credit in the name of  the targeted organizations.  At Bellisio Foods, we want to preemptively mitigate risks arising from this type of fraud and would like your help.  If you receive any communications from anyone claiming to represent Bellisio Foods, please ensure the identity of the contact and the validity of their association with Bellisio Foods by directly contacting your trusted Bellisio Foods resource or by calling 612-380-9082. If you suspect fraudulent activities, please contact us immediately to report it and help us stop it.  Our utmost priority is to safeguard the security and trust of our valued partners, and we are actively trying to prevent any fraudulent activity. Thank you.

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